Our team of caring professionals: physical, occupational and speech-language therapists work together to ensure great outcomes. We partner with long and short-term care facilities in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We also offer specialists in billing, documentation, education, clinical programs, evidence based practice, speech and dysphagia to help you maintain excellent fiscal management.

Our knowledge, enthusiasm and drive make us leaders in the healthcare industry. We choose like minded partners who also want their residents and patients to live their most productive lives. Because of our philosophy we recruit and manage the most highly trained physical, occupational and speech-language therapists in the industry. Continued education, research and advanced technological resources are the basis of our organization. We are 400 strong and growing.

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Quality and accuracy of service and compliance with practice guidelines and federal regulations are paramount to our organization. Two regional vice presidents along with a senior program specialist in audit and compliance will guide you. We also provide program specialists in out-patient, clinical programs, education and career development, evidence based practice and speech and dysphagia/FEES programs.

Our Mission

These five words express what we strive to do every day. Quality is about the excellent standard we set when we recruit for new employees, manage our staffs, encourage them to be the best they can and seek out the latest in research and technology.

We place the highest importance on Compliance in our accuracy of service within practice guidelines and federal regulations. Our Expertise in many facets of therapy helps us deliver the best practice to our residents and patients while ensuring that you, our partner, have the best bottom line. Ethics is about our integrity and continuing social responsibility. Setting the standard of performance and practice within the rehabilitation industry is always out Vision.